What We Do

Through decades of experience as respected teachers and coaches, our team has represented a broad variety of backgrounds and personalities.


Leadership Coaching

Sometimes it is difficult to:

  • Keep what’s important to you in front of you

  • Recognize, synthesize, and communicate what you have learned

  • Develop and manage productive relationships

  • Imagine beyond your current perspective

At the WSU Center for Leadership Development, our coaches work with you to identify opportunities for development based on individual strengths, priorities, and obstacles. Our team believes you have the capacity to adapt and thrive in changing times—knowing that all times are changing times!

Coaching is a development process individually tailored to help an individual or team meet short- and long-term goals. Many of our clients come to us through their organizations: executives, key staff, ongoing teams, and task forces. Other clients come because of their own drive to learn and make progress.

Our Coaching Promise

Through engaging fully in coaching, you will:

  • Improve interpersonal or communication skills

  • Address that elusive work / life balance

  • Expedite priorities so you manage time optimally

  • Enhance your capacity to hold tough conversations and manage conflict

  • Improve individual or team performance

  • Be invited to transform, at an individual and organizational level

Good Times to Start Coaching
  • When your organization needs to consider succession/transition planning

  • When you have had a learning experience and want to translate what you learned into action

  • When you or a team member is on-boarding into a new role

  • When you or a team member have a significant increase in responsibilities

  • When you want to retain talent

  • When you want to sustain shifts in organizational culture

  • When you want to create a more “coach-like culture”—extraordinary results, accountability, and possibility

Coaching sessions may be held in person, over the phone, or via video chat for a duration suited to your needs.


Satisfactory teams get work done. Exceptional teams also work on themselves.

  • Improve your effectiveness, efficiency, and communication

  • Improve cohesion among team members.

  • Address persistent, distracting conflict.

Our multi-faceted team development approaches achieve lasting results.

How We Will Work Together
  • Our facilitators and coaches believe that your team is capable of the tough work of improving its own functioning at the same time it addresses the demands of meeting your mission. Your team has the capacity to adapt to changing times—and all times are changing times.

    • Our approaches are grounded in concepts of adaptive work and the framework of the Kansas Leadership Center.
    • Our system can involve people at all levels of the organization—at once or over time—leading to long-term behavioral change. We believe adaptation starts with you and involves others.
  • Everything we provide is customized for your team and designed with your input.

  • Programs

    • Facilitated discussions in a controlled environment
    • Leadership training focused on the skills your team needs to reach its next goals
    • Long-term goal planning
    • Accessing what’s working to design what’s next (appreciative inquiry)
    • Identifying what is getting in the way of progress (immunity to change)
    • Understanding ourselves and our team (MBTI)

Our Promises
  • Greater understanding of your role in the team

  • Increased awareness of each team member’s points of view and struggles

  • Reduction of distracting conflict (and introduction of productive conflict)

  • Common language and approach

  • Improved morale and willingness to work together

  • Sustained adaptive progress


Many organizations wait for “the one” to come along and solve their problems or establish a vision—that person who will bring everyone together.

You are that person who can change the course of events. The good news and bad news is that you are not the only one. Difficult, long-term problems require many strong voices to come together and create change.

Learning and practicing leadership skills—as an individual and as a team—improves your effectiveness in changing times. And all times are changing times.

  • Our approach to leadership development is influenced by our longtime partnership with the Kansas Leadership Center. In addition, we draw on decades of experience teaching a number of leadership models.

  • We specialize in customizing curriculum, allowing you to focus on the leadership skills that are most applicable.

  • Choose a course that meets your preferred time investment and the level of challenge your organization needs:

    • Half-day introductory course
    • Multi-session dive into a comprehensive leadership framework
    • Full-day hands-on skill workshops
  • Our programs require no previous leadership experience or fancy titles – but an open mind is a pre-requisite!

Potential Outcomes
  • Enhanced ability to mobilize change in groups

  • More tolerance for messy, nerve-racking situations

  • Heightened understanding of others’ challenges and needs


Here are a few things we believe in:

  • Leadership is a transformational activity- it changes the people leading and the people around them

  • The activity of leadership is required to make progress on complex challenges

  • Making a community a better place to live requires changing systems

  • People don’t have to stay where they are; progress is always possible

Since 2006, our center has supported businesses, foundations, nonprofits, and individuals across the state of Kansas to make progress on complex, persistent issues and to lead in constantly changing environments. We accomplish this by:

  • Providing challenging training and retreat environments to help foster individual and organization innovation and experimentation.

  • Administering and interpreting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment - while giving valuable insight into how individuals and your organization can use the results effectively

  • Leadership coaching that offers guided reflection and accountability for taking action

  • Leadership consultation with your organization about the effectiveness of internal or ongoing leadership efforts

  • Succession planning for organizations facing change in key management positions.

Leadership training is often the initial point from which individuals can act to build the groups around them. From here, many groups may find our team development programs and more extensive coaching services helpful in continuing their journey into leadership activities.