CARE Assists Kansas Head Start Association in Building Capacity to Measure Self-Regulation in PreK

The Child and Family Research Team at CARE is collaborating with Kansas Head Start Association on a capacity building grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. The grant will work to increase awareness, understanding, and intervention related to self-regulation in PreK children. These essential areas of brain development are growing more rapidly at this age than any other in the lifespan. Self-regulation impacts the ability to follow directs, plan, inhibit impulses, interact with peers in a positive manner and ultimately has a strong influence on school achievement. The CARE team is working with Head Start grantees across Kansas to measure self-regulation in a subset of children over the school year. Teachers will use this information and resources provided by CARE to promote these skills at this pivotal stage in development. Research has demonstrated that small changes in daily routines, parenting and play can result in strong development of self-regulation.

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