Community Engagement Institute Well Represented at International Conference

Six Community Engagement Institute staff from the Center for Applied Research and Evaluation presented at the Society for Community Action and Research (SCRA) Conference in Ottawa, Canada. SCRA is the community psychology division of the American Psychological Association. CEI staff had 10 presentations at the conference (3 described below) highlighting work across a variety of applied research and evaluation projects, along with other WSU students and faculty and leaders in community psychology from across the world. For more information about applied research and evaluation contact Dr. Tara Gregory at tara.gregory@wichita.edu or (316) 978-3714.

Risk and Reward: The Value of Using Data on Family/Child Risk Factors to Transform Early Childhood Programs – Lynn Schrepferman, Tara Gregory

Drs. Shrepferman and Gregory were part of a larger symposium on “Building Capacity for Serving Children Through University-Community Partnerships,” that included researchers from the University of California-Irvine, Oregon State University and Oregon Department of Education. Drs. Schrepferman and Gregory presented on how they used data on risk factors for families involved in early childhood programs to help programs determine how best to meet children’s needs.

Through Their Experience: Understanding Recovery Support Domains within Consumer Run Organizations (CROs) – Brittany Brest, Tara Gregory

Using a focus group methodology with CRO members, CEI staff identified emergent themes that were then mapped onto the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) recovery support domains; showing both the similarities between national recovery standards and Kansas and the unique recovery experiences that Kansas CROs have to offer.

Publishing your work in the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice: Meet the Editors, Discuss your Opportunities – Nicole Freund

CEI staff serve as the lead editors for the internationally recognized Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice. A roundtable discussion provided opportunities for scholars from across the world to learn about ways they can contribute to the journal.