CEI’s Strategic Communications Initiatives Helps Launch The Grid Online

CEI’s Strategic Communication Initiatives recently completed an exciting project with The Grid for Humanity, a 12-step based program for people ready for new solutions to old problems.

Originally started as an effort to offer immediate solutions to those experiencing addiction, this innovative process has evolved to include anyone who finds themselves stuck, hurting, or looking for options. Founded by Kathy Deane in 2011, The Grid has been used by thousands of people and implemented in alcohol and drug treatment centers, state prisons, the Veteran’s Administration, churches, organizational groups, and weekly Grid for Humanity meetings.

In 2018, Kathy decided to develop The Grid Online, an easily accessible learning platform where anyone can use The Grid at any time. She partnered with Kaela Prall-Moore, Coordinator of the Strategic Communication Initiatives, to bring this vision to life. Of the project, Prall-Moore said “The SCI team is committed to ensuring that powerful causes like Kathy’s have all the resources they need to reach people. It was an honor to work alongside Kathy to make the Grid available to the world.”

After eight months of work, The Grid Online launched in March of 2019. World Studios Wichita did the filming and the Strategic Communication Initiatives compiled all the pieces and launched the learning platform. Available worldwide, The Grid Online’s three courses are simple, easy to navigate, and available right when people need it most. Based in the 12 Steps, The Grid guides users through a process that can help get solutions now.

Kathy Deane, the founder of The Grid, is excited to see how it impacts others. “Having The Grid Online is one of the best tools I can have to reach more people. I had a dream of what needed to happen, but it wasn’t until I partnered with WSU’s Community Engagement Institute that it came true. It amazing to give people access to online classes that can help them gain clarity and insight right away.”

For more information on The Grid Online, click here. For more information on CEI’s Strategic Communication Initiatives, click here or contact Kaela Prall-Moore at kaela.moore@wichita.edu.