CEI Partners with Oral Health Kansas to Create Multi-Year Strategic Plan

Over the course of 14 months, WSU CEI partnered with Oral Health Kansas to develop a 3-5 year strategic plan informed by data gathered from their stakeholders. The purpose of this plan was to guide future priorities and decisions for Oral Health Kansas to expand their scope during the years 2019 – 2023. From this plan, 4 key focus areas were decided upon including strategic collaboration strategies with associations and organizations from other fields of work to increase the impact of Oral Health Kansas’ work. Oral Health Kansas continues to make progress on their strategies through continuous strategic thinking and doing at the board and staff level. Tanya Dorf Brunner, the Executive Director of the organization reported:

“The Community Engagement Institute masterfully facilitated Oral Health Kansas’ most recent strategic planning process. Danny and Vanessa designed a process that included our major stakeholders, board, and staff members. The process was engaging and interesting, and the one-day retreat remains one of the best meetings our board and staff have had in recent years. We cannot recommend CEI enough for their insight, process design, and friendly collaboration. Their coaching throughout the process made it easy to follow and develop a plan we will be able to use and track closely over the next few years.”

CEI is proud to have partnered with Oral Health Kansas and we are excited to see continuous improvement from them and our other partners.