Community Engagement Institute Staff selected for Harvard Leadership Development Program

The Community Engagement Institute is pleased to announce that Dr. Joyce McEwen Crane, Strategic Development Coordinator and leadership development trainer and coach, was one of 54 international participants selected by the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program to participate in the intensive 8-day Art and Practice of Leadership Development: A Master Class for Professional Trainers, Educators, and Consultants course in Cambridge, MA.

The program is designed to engage leadership development professionals, including consultants, teachers, coaches, and trainers from around the world to examine a range of concepts and teaching methods. Throughout the program, participants explored common assumptions about leadership, how dynamics of organizations and systems support or impede leadership development, the difference between authority and leadership, tools to use in developing leadership skills, and the ethics involved in using adaptive, experiential methods of leadership development. Participation in the program also connects Dr. McEwen Crane to a cadre of practitioners working in the arena of adaptive leadership around the world.

The Kansas Leadership Center’s Vice President Julia Fabris McBride said, “Dr. McEwen Crane is a valued member of KLC’s Coach Team and teaches in our Leadership Coach Training Program. We encouraged her to seize the Kennedy School opportunity. It is a chance to hone her already impressive set of teaching and coaching skills, while gleaning new ideas and having the chance to practice alongside other world-class leadership developers. McEwen Crane has contributed to KLC’s growing reputation and influence in the global community of adaptive leadership practitioners. I know this experience will deepen her impact as a coach and trainer.”

According to McEwen Crane, “I learned a lot about the power of the holding environment for difficult learning. There is a lot I don’t naturally pay attention to that I now have an eye for. I also learned that your intention means a lot less than the impact your behavior has on a group. The system in which you function is extremely important to understand when it comes to knowing your choice points for exercising leadership effectively.”

To learn more about leadership coaching and training opportunities contact Dr. Joyce McEwen Crane at joyce.mcewencrane@wichita.edu or (316) 978-6746. For more information about the Art and Practice of Leadership Development course, visit https://exed.hks.harvard.edu/Programs/apl/overview.aspx.