The Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice turns 10 this month!


CEI took the reins of the Global Journal in 2015 during an editorial transition. Dr. Scott Wituk and Dr. Nicole Freund have served as editors and it has reached over 1,000 subscribers and 1,700 Facebook followers. In this time, it published 85 peer reviewed articles, several community program tools and videos, and many editorials and non-traditional content.

Born from a need to have an open access outlet that publicized and disseminated quality community-based work, the Global Journal has enthusiastically taken on this mission, providing both academic research and non-traditional content that helps spread good work around the world. It is as essential today as when the first issue was published in January 2010.

The last 10 years have witnessed a great deal of change, valuable research, and numerous emerging issues, and the Global Journal has continued to highlight the work of community practice and make it accessible to all. A special 10th Anniversary issue will publish in January 2020 with reflections about the Global Journal’s role in community psychology and community practice from contributors, founders, and editors. More information and past issues can be found at www.gjcpp.org.