PreventionTalKS Launches New Monthly Podcast

PreventionTalKS was developed by a group of prevention-minded professionals seeking to provide an opportunity for community coalitions and other prevention-minded people across the state of Kansas to connect and learn from one another and from professionals with a common interest of Prevention.

The purpose of PreventionTalKS is to promote citizen education and to increase public awareness of behavioral health promotion and prevention. Over the past three years, PreventionTalKS has been offered through a monthly webinar series.

In January, 2019 the format of PreventionTalKS was revamped to reach a broader audience and increase our effectiveness in a manner that participants and listeners have determined to be more user-friendly. PreventionTalKS currently offers a monthly podcast highlighting timely prevention-related topics of interest to stakeholders across Kansas. If you have topics you would like to hear about email us at KPCTeam@wichita.edu. We offer our podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Spotify. Listen to us on your favorite platform.




For more information: http://kansaspreventioncollaborative.org/