Prevention Initiatives is celebrating the one-year anniversary of their PreventionTalKS Podcast.


In January 2019, the prevention team debuted the podcast as a revamped version of their monthly prevention webinar. After noticing a decrease in webinar participation, the team realized they needed an entertaining and flexible way to share prevention information. A podcast was the answer.

Throughout 2019, the PreventionTalKS team released an episode each month with topics ranging from PTSD and safe messaging to vaping and building resilience. PreventionTalKS Producer Michelle Edwards said, “2019 was a year of learning and we learned a lot. I’m excited to use what we’ve learned and continue to grow with our podcast in 2020.” PreventionTalKS is hosted by Prevention Initiative members Heather Winklepleck and Janell Stang. The first episode of 2020 begins the new Prevention Protective Factor series.

The PreventionTalKS podcast is available on Android, iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.