We Stand With You

In response to the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd, we at the Community Engagement Institute (CEI) want to make it very clear that we side with the dignity, humanity, beauty, and human rights of all Black people everywhere. We condemn the white supremacist state sanctioned violence against Black people that has happened throughout history and is still happening today. We also understand that silence is complicit in the systemically racist society in which we find ourselves.

CEI supports the outcry by Leslie Remond, President of the Minneapolis NAACP, who stated, “The cruel display of the state-sanctioned murder that took place in Minneapolis is yet another repugnant show of violence by the police. The actions of the officers involved are inexcusable and warrant swift consequences. Their actions represent a dangerous precedent set forth by the racist, xenophobic, and prejudicial sentiment in our society against Black people. We witnessed a violation of our human rights, and we must hold all involved criminally accountable for the death of Mr. Floyd.”

Within the past year, CEI began having pivotal conversations, engagement, and actions addressing racism and its influence in our workplace. Supported by Race and Resilience, we have had an all-staff workshop, convened an Equity Team to address racist practices and culture within our organization, and held caucuses to hear from staff on their experiences. We are committed to continuing this work to build an inclusive culture within our organization and in the communities around us.

We at CEI will not be complicit and plead with you to join us in taking action. Donate to organizations working to right this terrible wrong in our country. Do your own research and unlearning so you can better serve your marginalized brothers and sisters. Boldly engage in discourse with friends and family who do not yet understand the systemic nature of racism.

CEI is committed to celebrating diversity, inclusion and belonging by welcoming, inviting, and honoring the uniqueness of all individuals and diverse life experiences.

Here are some actions you can take today to demand justice and combat racism: