What We Do

We believe our stories matter, that behavioral health is a crucial part of every individual and organizational life, and that recovery and resiliency are both normal and expected.

  • We partner with nonprofits, government, and coalitions.

  • We train, test, and certify peer specialists.

  • We work flexibly and mindfully to meet your goals.

  • We customize proven methods and tools.

  • We come to you – either in-person at your organization, or through regionally-offered trainings and technical assistance opportunities.

  • We free you up to fully engage in your role as a leader.

  • We foster recovery, resiliency, and authentic healing relationships within your organization.

  • We offer and participate in transformative experience in training, support, and technical assistance.

Let us know what we can do to support you in the areas of:
  • Developing a strong and effective consumer voice in your organization and community

  • Behavioral Health workforce development – including peer specialist training, testing, and certification

  • Strategic planning

  • Developing a trauma-informed systems of care in your organization, partnership, or system.

  • Developing strong, sustainable, and effective behavioral health programs at your home organization.

  • Policy development, implementation, and analysis to support positive behavioral health

  • Integrating evidence-based and promising behavioral health practice into your organizational life.

  • Developing youth and family leadership in your behavioral health community

  • Building a statewide network of peer support and recovery that can inform and enrich your system, leading to better outcomes for those you serve.

The WSU Center for Behavioral Health Initiatives serves non-profit organizations, healthcare providers, consumer-run organizations, community coalitions, self-help groups, and government entities. Together, our staff have trained individuals from every community mental health center and consumer-run organization in two states. We engage with all levels of influence – consumer, provider, administrator, advocate, and family members – to shape the future where those we love, serve, and work with can and will recover move forward with their lives.