What We do
  • Facilitation - convening meetings, events, summits

  • Training - live, webinar

  • Community of practice

  • Learning collaborative

  • Staff extenders - Project management

  • Charter development

  • Action planning (vision has been identified – develop an executable action plan)

  • Technical assistance for CHA, CHIP, strategic plan

  • Collaborative planning (multiple factions – identify shared vision)

  • Community development

  • Organizational capacity-building assessment

  • Evidence-based practice implementation

  • Coordinate other CEI Centers to support research projects and leadership training

  • KALHD Guide for Local Health Department Directors

  • KS Local Health Department Clinical Services Coding Resource Manual

  • Competencies for QI Leaders in Public Health

  • Effective Meetings

  • Effectively Engaging the Board of Health, Spring 2016 Edition

  • Accreditation (KS - Train & links to office mix)

  • HLG Trainings