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In 2013, the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund contracted with Center for Applied Research and Evaluation (CARE) to identify and implement Common Measures for early childhood programing across Kansas. Common measurement of outcomes was to be applied to programs funded through the Children’s Cabinet from the annual Master Tobacco Settlement. The measures are utilized in the evaluation of all Early Childhood Block Grant (ECBG) recipients across the state. The ECBG grantees implement a variety of preventative and early intervention early childhood programs for which outcomes need to be measured. In partnership with the Kansas Children’s Cabinet, CARE has developed and implemented the “Common Measures Initiative” which is one of the first of its kind. The Common Measures Initiative focuses on gathering comparable data across a wide range of programs to allow for a statewide snapshot of outcomes associated with early childhood programs. Additionally, Common Measures provide data for continuous quality improvement by programs across Kansas.

The elements of the Common Measures Initiative include:

1. Identification of validated, reliable measures with benchmarks that can be used by programs across the state for standardized assessment of child development and social/emotional outcomes, positive parenting, and classroom quality.

2. Joint annual visits by the CARE team and the Children’s Cabinet to each grantee in order to discuss the current evaluation and plan for the use of the data in their continuous quality improvement plan.

3. Training and technical assistance in implementing the measures.

4. Training and technical assistance on data collection and use of Common Measures data to improve outcomes.

5. Analysis and reporting of aggregate and grantee-specific data.

CARE continues to collaborate with the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and grantees across the state to promote Healthy Development, Strong Families, and Early Learning for children and families participating in Kansas programs.