Center for Public Health Initiatives

The Center for Public Health Initiatives works to improve the public health system in Kansas by empowering people, developing organizations and strengthening systems.


Our team provides technical assistance, training and evaluation support for local health departments and organizations that provide public health services.


We believe that strategic partnerships that build capacity are needed for organizations to maintain a high performing public
health system.


We have the ability to strengthen systems by facilitating statewide collaborative initiatives, and creating various opportunities for change.

Let's partner together!

We specialize in:

  • Professional Development & Convening
    We’re a team of expert facilitators and trainers with years of experience in creating learning collaboratives and communities of practice.
  • Staff Extension
    From project management to charter development to collaborative planning, we’ll partner with you to make progress on each project.
  • Technical Assistance
    We’re ready to help you develop the CHA, CHIP, or another plan to propel your public health work into the future.
  • Evidence-Based Practices
    Innovation and the most up to date practices to support you in capacity building and action planning.


Our team is passionate about creating safe and stable early years by supporting organizations and coalitions that prioritize very young children and their families. 


We are excited to partner with you and provide tools to help you reach your community and better accomplish your goals. Contact us directly with the email provided below!