Prevention Initiatives

We are dedicated to supporting partners in using evidence-based and best practice prevention and promotion strategies; working together to build healthy communities.


We are not only about prevention. Our team also partners with community members to include behavioral health promotion in their integrated approach to services.


Risk and protective factors for many behavioral health challenges are shared. We help communities notice those connections and create shared prevention goals and plans.


Drawing on decades of experience, we ensure all of our work is guided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Strategic Prevention Framework.

Let's partner together!

We specialize in:

  • Behavioral health promotion and awareness campaign development
  • Integrated Professional Fields’ Conference Development and Hosting
  • Prevention Strategies Project Management
  • Social marketing for behavioral health change in communities
  • Youth-Led Behavioral Health Group Development


We are excited to partner with you and provide tools to help you reach your community and better accomplish your goals. Contact us directly with the email provided below!

Kansas Prevention Collaborative

We are honored to be one of the founding partners of the Kansas Prevention Collaborative. Our role in the KPC includes coordinating and facilitating in-person meetings that help participants learn from each other and create momentum for action, offering virtual meetings and trainings on specific topics most important to communities, and maintaining and assisting communities with awareness to help support their activities.

Coalition Directory

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to behavioral health promotion and prevention, partnering with community members across the state. We guide the use of evidence-based strategies, create toolkits for Kansans, increase interaction among coalitions, and support the Kansas prevention network. Our goal is also to facilitate and encourage the sharing of behavioral health promotion and prevention efforts being used in communities across Kansas.